Set of 20 monogrammed vinyl label spots
Each spot is 2" round with your monogram in the color indicated, on a white field, surrounded by the color border entered below

Our vinyl Label Spots are UV, dishwasher and carwash safe and applies to any smooth, solid, clean surface. If it is left alone, it will remain until you would like to remove it. When you are ready to remove your vinyl, you may use a hair dryer to apply heat to loosen the adhesive. If your surface cannot withstand the heat of a dryer, simply peel the corners up and slowly pull the vinyl. Any remaining adhesive may be removed with goo-gone or possibly even window cleaner.

Be sure to review our application instructions and helpful tips below.

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  • Enter your monogram style
  • Enter your monogram color
  • Enter your monogram (First, Last, Middle)
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    Item #: MLBLSPT

    You will be able to do so much with your UncommonWares vinyl label spots! All of our vinyl media is professionally designed and manufactured, commercial quality, waterproof, weatherproof and ready to add style to your wares.

    A few fun little ideas utilizing your UncommonWares vinyl...

    • Decorate beverage glasses or tumblers and you'll completely transform your drinkware.
    • Decorate glass candle holders and tins for an event - great for party favors and hostess gifts.
    • Decorate picture frames, your vinyl can be completely on the frame or run the design off and around the edge of the frame, your creative options are endless
    • Decorate acrylic trays, trinket bowls/trays, vases, mirrors, on and on

    There is so much you can do - any smooth surface becomes your canvas!

    Tips for using UncommonWares Vinyl...

      Application Instructions
    • With clean fingers, peel and stick your label spots
    • Place your label on your clean, smooth surface and rub over the top leaving your vinyl attached to your desired surface

    NOTE: Although the surface must be clean, it is sometimes helpful to use a little soapy water to be able to move your decal around on the surface to be properly placed. Using a squirt bottle, add the tiniest bit of dish soap to water and lightly spray the surface. Go through the application steps, however you will use a soft cloth to rub over the label, this will move any soapy water out an ensure the adhesive is making contact with the surface.


    • Be sure to thoroughly clean the surface where you will be applying your label. If the surface is not clean, your label may not stick or will slowly peel away from the surface.
    • If the surface has been newly painted, please allow at least two weeks for the paint to cure before applying your label. Applying to a freshly painted surface will result in the label peeling away as the paint tries to cure.
    • If the label is not sticking to the surface, the surface may not be clean. It's best to clean the area again then try once more.
    • Our vinyl labels are rated for outdoor use, however, as with anything else exposed to direct sun/UV, it will begin to fade over time. To extend the life of your labels, be sure to select a spot with the least direct UV exposure.
    • Harsh detergents may cause excessive wear
    • Our vinyl labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe, but hand washing will extend the life of your label. If you do choose to run items with vinyl labels through the dishwasher, try to do so on the upper shelf and aim the label away from direct jets if possible.

    Removing Vinyl

    • The easiest way to remove vinyl labels is with a hair dryer, the heat loosens the adhesive so you can pull the label off.
    • Any residue left behind can easily be removed with goo gone or possibly window cleaner