UncommonWares eCommerce Site Development

UncommonWares eCommerce Site Development

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Three levels of eCommerce site development:

ULTIMATE = $1800 for custom, enhanced e-commerce features allowing you to collect basic, product personalization fields necessary to sell the personalized products that drive the giftwares industry.

ADVANCED = $1200 for effective e-commerce simplicity, includes site configuration, product image, description and buy button.

BASIC = $700 for product images/informational only, no e-commerce.

Included in all e-Commerce Setup (Advanced and Ultimate, excludes Basic) Packages:

  • You provide content, we configure and create
  • Configure initial Shopify Settings
  • Configure DNS Settings
  • All backend setup (payment processing, gallery links, etc.)
  • Up to 5 Custom pages (About Us, FAQ, etc)
  • Basic Theme customization to match brand
  • Basic setup of taxes and shipping options
  • Basic setup of collections 
  • Basic setup of products, including initial product load (client provides images and basic description)
  • Import products from other compatible ecommerce platforms
  • Edit images to optimize for website and social media
  • Basic setup of social media links
  • Setup and configuration of additional sales channels (Amazon, Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, etc)*
  • Home page design complete with images
  • Installation and configuration of dynamic navigation menu tree
  • Installation and configuration of basic product personalization fields
  • Can be upgraded as your business grows (custom quoted or package price difference)
  • Additional product setups can be purchased separately based on client's needs. 
  • You'll be able to easily add products and update your website. If you're not comfortable with maintaining your site, we can provide a maintenance plan*** that would meet your needs.

*Additional fees from sales via external sales channels (Amazon, Houzz, etc.) may apply, typically it’s a percentage of sales. Will present for approval prior to setup.

**Apps may incur additional monthly subscription. Will present for approval prior to setup.

***Maintenance plan available, price based on services required, i.e.: add new products, edit products, manage social media, site updates including fresh copy, keeping site current, etc.

For customers with an existing ecommerce site, included in the plan is the import of your compatible products. All we require is a .csv file with details about your products, formatted to match this sample csv and images for your products, we take care of the rest; getting your site set up and ready for your personal touches. For those customers without existing files, we will create collections and products that you can easily duplicate to fill your store. Once we're done, we hand the site off to you and all you have to do is enter your billing information and choose your Shopify subscription level (most basic stores can function with the $29/mo Basic Shopify Plan. Gift cards are only available with the $79/mo Shopify Plan ). Any additional apps (for marketing and/or extra features) may incur additional monthly subscription, will present for approval prior to setup.

OPTIONAL ADD-ONS (additional design fees may apply)

  • Social Media Page(s) Setup 
    • Headers
    • Bio links
    • Initial product load including descriptions and hashtags
    • Linking any opportunities to sell on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram
  • Product Label print-ready art/ready to submit to printing company (Cost to print labels, stickers, hang tags, business cards, etc. not included in brand package price)
    • Setup and order initial run of labels, stickers, hang tags, business cards, etc. - additional cost of printing to be determined (actual printing cost is separate from brand package price) quotes will be provided for approval