To answer your questions...

Selling UncommonWares

Q. Why join DTM?

A. You'll be able to custom design your products and order direct at the best possible prices.

Q: I already have a wholesale account. Aren't these the prices I've been paying with my wholesale account?

A. No it's lower, DTM direct from Manufacturer pricing is 40% to 60% less.

Q. Can I keep ordering single personalized products from UncommonWares, what's the difference?

A. You can but it will be at MSRP, we will no longer be selling custom, personalized products at wholesale. You'll need to join DTM and you can start ordering direct from our manufacturers.

Q. I'm not sure I can design products. How easy is the design tool to use?

A. Very easy! You can watch our video to see just how simple it is. You can also email 4service@uncommonwares.com to request a DTM Trial where you can try it for a few days. The trial will give you access to one product (no manufacturers) but you'll be able to use all the design tool features.

Q. Isn't ordering direct from Manufacturers complicated?

A. No, we've worked with our manufacturers to make this simple for you and we'll provide step-by-step instructions to assist you with each process.

Q. Why is UncommonWares giving me direct access to manufacturers? What's the catch?

A. There's no catch. UncommonWares has always been about helping you grow your business. We taught you how to cut vinyl for in-store personalization. We've supported you with custom designs to fit your market. Now, with online competition, the very best way we can help you succeed is to connect you with manufacturers directly for the best pricing. We're getting out of the middle so you can be as competitive as possible. 

Q. How does UncommonWares benefit? There has to be a catch.

A. Still no catch. We'll grow and succeed together. Our team will be able to focus on bringing you the latest design trends and developing relationships with new manufacturers for the best products. Your annual membership supports those efforts and is less than the cost of you hiring a graphic designer. It's a win-win!