Sis Boom GardenBloom Orange Vinyl Sheets

Sis Boom GardenBloom Orange Vinyl Sheets

  • $20.00

All of UncommonWares Vinyl Sheets are professionally designed and manufactured, commercial quality, waterproof, weatherproof and ready to add style to your wares. For an additional level of protection against abrasion, we offer both gloss and matte lamination, at no extra charge. Non-laminated vinyl will have a glossy finish. Our vinyl may be applied to any smooth surface. Get creative with your glassware, glass candles and tins, walls, cars, bikes, containers, bins, any smooth surface, endless possibilities. So much fun to combine to create truly unique products and gifts! Sized to fit perfectly in most craft and professional vinyl cutters. 

Vinyl for Smooth Surfaces (apply to clean, smooth surface - note: if applying to freshly painted surface, allow at least 2-3 weeks to fully cure)
May use a bit of water to apply, squeegee out as it’s applied
Smooth surface and vinyl may be wiped clean with a damp soft cloth
Our Vinyl is removable (but may not be able to be reapplied) - tip: use a hair dryer to loosen adhesive while slowly pulling away from surface

Please Allow 5 to 7 Business Days for Production

UncommonWares Vinyl is printed edge to edge with the pattern repeat running from upper-left to lower-right.

Available in the following sizes:
(Ft - width x length)

  • 1 ft wide x 2 feet long - 12”x24”
  • 1 ft wide x 3 feet long - 12”x36”
  • 1 ft wide x 4 feet long - 12”x48”
  • 1 ft wide x 5 feet long - 12”x60”
  • 2 ft wide x 2 ft long - 24”x24”
  • 2 ft wide x 3 ft long - 24”x36”
  • 2 ft wide x 4 ft long - 24”x48”
  • 2 ft wide x 5 ft long - 24”x60”
UncommonWares Clear, Vinyl Transfer Tape is available in 12" x 100 yard rolls. Click here to view.

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