UncommonWares Acrylic Square Image Block

  • $39.00

They say an image is worth a thousand words. UncommonWares Acrylic Image Blocks are worth so many words, they'll render you speechless. Archival quality, thick acrylic block with your image permanently embedded. No hanging hardware necessary, your professionally finished block stands on it's own. Photos will look smashing in thick acrylic.

Three Sizes Available

  • Small 5"x5"x.75"
  • Medium 6"x6"x1"
  • Large 8"x8"x1"

Please Allow 5 to 7 Business Days for Production

 To add your image:

  • Begin by selecting your product size
  • Click "Chose File" to navigate to your image files
  • Select your image and click "Open" 
  • In the new window, drag the corners of the grid to resize the image on your final output. You can move the entire grid to center the image.
  • Click the "X" in the upper right to close the editor
  • Review your image on the mock-up and edit or remove the image by clicking the "pencil" or "recycle bin" icons on the thumbnail.
  • Make sure the subject of your final image is within the red limit box on the mock-up. Any image outside that area may be cropped and may not be imprinted onto the final product.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please note them in the Order Notes field

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